Quick Comparison: Action vs Activity in Digital Marketing.

Quick Comparison: Action vs Activity.

I really don’t think that ppl emphasize this quite enough. There is a difference between an ACTIVITY and ACTION.

When you hear all about the various successful Digital Marketing Industry leaders out there, what you may NOT be “hearing” is that these guys are ACTION oriented versus ACTIVITY oriented.

For example…
1) You have an idea on getting more leads. So you write down your idea. That’s an Activity. YES, it took some action – actually WRITING down the idea. But, you can sit there and write down ideas all day long and still not be any closer to CREATING more leads. Right?
So, in my opinion, you have completed a few ACTIVITIES.

Remember, that ACTION is what brings you closer to ACCOMPLISHMENT. This is the difference between someone who is experienced in AdWords and someone who has theoretical knowledge. Adonai has been doing this since they starting off the Digital Marketing Training  providing real time training with actionable insights.

When we work on big accounts with huge data, the work that you do with data trying to find the actionable insights on how you should be optimizing the AdWords account for higher ROI. Some people just do ‘Activity’ by spending time on the account. But it is the ‘Action’ that you take and make changes that propel the account to better campaign performance. We can find many metrics that help us on what is going right and what is going wrong and how to improve, this is where your Action takes the AdWords account to yield excellent results.

Adonai provides their trainees with this opportunity to work on Live Google AdWords account of our clients with huge data in the account and get hands on experience. Furthermore, this causes our trainees to move from the Activity mode to the Action mode.

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