Reschedule Policy

Please do not miss the classes unless its unavoidable.
Please inform your cohort leader, if requesting a reschedule.

Reschedule Policy

Once the registration of a candidate for the New Digital Marketing Immersive Bootcamp is completed, and the candidate fails to attend the same cohort with some unavoidable reasons, then he/she must take prior permission from the directors/cohort leaders so they can be accommodated in the next cohort.

Once the candidate is registered, we carefully study the candidates profiles to understand the kind of roles and responsibilities they should be assigned during the course. We want to make the course interactive and make sure every candidate gives their 100% and become a real digital marketer we want them to be.

Please know that, we don’t register more than 10 candidates per each cohort. Considering the same, it would be very tough for us to arrange a seat immediately. Nevertheless, we request the candidate to inform us about their intentions to reschedule in advance, so we can manage the conflict.

Please note, you can always ask for a back-up sessions and the same will be arranged upon the cohort leader convenience and availability.

Refund Time:

If you are requesting a refund, you must bring a letter addressing the directors in writing and the reason for the refund. The company may negotiate on the refund amount considering the expenses incurred during and after the registration of the candidate.

The refund process will take up to 7-10 days and the refund amount will be initiated through the same channel that was used initially for making the payment.