SEO tips to get your website on top of SERP on

Microsoft’s new Bing internet search engine may change the way all of us have to approach SEO. With the launch of Bing, gone are these times when you have to submit your website to search engines or get links from different resources only to be indexed on the search engines. With the release of Bing, first matter that on-line marketers need to ask is to how to get their web sites on the top of the results page of the internet search engine.

Here are a few Search engine optimization tips for Bing, that will assist marketers to get noticed on Bing. To make it to the top of Bing, make sure to possess a title that relates to the topic at hand. Many entrepreneurs do not favor linking out since they fear that their PR will be lowered, especially with Google. I

n most search engines, the quantity of text on the page normally is not normally a major factor. Bing genuinely likes pages with at least 350 terms of text. Bing appears to place a lot of stock in how long ago a domain name was registered.

For marketers, this implies that you might look to buy older areas if you need to get on great position in Bing. Try using only the well formed HTML codes in your webpages. You must always guarantee to close all the matched tags and may see that links open the correct webpage. For info on verifying your HTML code, you may see either HTTP Conditional Get evaluation tool or HTTP Compression or World Wide Web Consortium Markup Validation Service. In case your web site contains broken link then MSNBot might not be capable to index your web site efficiently, thus preventing individuals from reaching all your webpages.

To find more info on finding broken links on your web site you may see the Help matter for the Webmaster Center’s Crawl Issues tool. In case you’ve moved a webpage then you should put up the webpage original URL to redirect individuals to the new webpage. Indicate whether the move is permanent or temporary.

You’ve to make sure MSNBot is allowed to crawl your web site and isn’t on your list of web crawlers which are prohibited from indexing your site. Txt file or tags to control how MSNBot along with other web crawlers index your site. Txt file to prevent web crawlers from crawling particular folders and files. URLs which are complicated or that change often are difficult to index as link locations. A URL that doesn’t change is easy for individuals to remember and bookmark.