How to Sound like an AdWords Expert during the interview? DO’s and DON’T’s.

Many people attend the AdWords Training sessions at institutes and then aim to crack the interviews, with the limited exposure they have using AdWords. We at Adonai offer practical experience, since Adonai is the Only institute to be a Google Partner.

Please know that, having real time experience is always better than just hearing the classes to get placed. You may sound like a newbie, if you don’t use the technical jargons of AdWords. To avoid that, there are certain DO’s and DON’T’s.

  • Speak the numbers from your AdWords account – Know your numbers well.
  • Use, some examples of reporting and campaign Management metrics and how they are performing during your Digital Marketing Interview.
  • Use the terms like “impression share report” , Lost IS Rank, Lost IS Budget during the interview.
  • Show them that you use Automated rules in your account management work.
  • Tell them that you use AdWords Scripts to generate certain reports, and share them with your clients.
  • Tell them that you use Dynamic Keyword Insertions and Ad Customizers.
  • Use the terms  CPA, Cost per Conversions and Value per conversions with one example to sound more professional. Tell them how do you use those metrics to improve the performance of AdWords account.
  • Explain them the KPI’s of your account, If you have’nt worked on account, then research for some KPI’s in the AdWords account.
  • Learn Flexible Bid Strategies and how do you use them. Especially Target Outranking share metrics on other competitor.

To learn more of these tips, and if you desire to become AdWords expert with practical exposure on Google AdWords account register for Digital Marketing Training Course in Adonai, Somajiguda or our Ameerpet offices. We allow you to work on any of our LIVE client account.

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