Struggling to Grow your Startup? Get help with all 5 stages

We are introducing growth assessment & measurement strategy for the idea. Our marketers have a high business acumen to help you both scale and grow.

* Full service is only available upon onboarding with our agency.

How does this work?

We do a complete learning of your business/startup, customer segments, target markets from scratch till end.

We get you a dedicated growth marketer from our team to assess your business and its growth opportunities as per your need and budget.

Get a 1 hour call from one of our performance marketers and growth specialists to understand your product and business goals along with growth strategy .

You will be assigned an exclusive expert marketer from our team to measure each and every part of your business & implement high-end marketing tactics for exponential growth.

Assessment & measurement for growth

We highly recommend doing growth assessments before moving forward with your business idea.


Are you sure your idea works?

Confused as to whether the idea of yours will take a success journey? Don’t worry, our team here will make sure to get you a better understanding of whether your idea is a correct step to success or not.

Growth specialists Involved


Growth Marketer

Industry Specialist

What will you get:


For when you are building your MVP

Once you work on your idea then breaking into the market with a MVP is the easiest & perfect way to know about your customers. This audit with MVP creation will give you a vast perspective on methods to implement. We also assist you with getting into one of the popular early stage incubator in Hyderabad.

Growth Specialists Involved


Growth Marketer

Industry Specialist

Product Developers

What will you get:


How to reach to product market fit

If your product is having willing and able buyers then we call it a product market fit product. This is the time where companies meet the early adopters & they create curiosity around our products. Get expert advice in scaling your products to market fit. This is the critical phase where you need to develop the right mindset and set the approach for future. If you reach here, it is already a big winner.

Growth Specialists Involved


Growth Marketer

Industry Specialist

Product Developers

Analytics Expert

What will you get:


Time to reach the product-channel fit

Awesome! You’ve reached product-market fit. By this time you’ve received product appreciation, few recommendations & support from the users & us. This is the correct time to expand your marketing channels. We help you find the marketing platforms to expand & scale your company/startup. We will help you with all that is requirement for you to scale your business on all marketing channels with a perfect multi channel ad strategy. It's time to focus on growth and growth alone. All the best!

Growth Specialists Involved


Growth Marketer

Industry Specialist

Product Developers

Analytics Expert

Growth Hacker

What you could get:

Are you ready to assess your business growth?

Help from our team

Get help from our amazing expert marketers to assess your business. We are always here to assist you.

Affordable Pricing model

According to your business needs/requirements we will design our work and pricing. Rest be assured, you will have a different approach at your business after our assessment.

Industry specific approach:

Our team at Measure Marketer has diverse industry expertise. We will make sure you receive the correct approach and guidance from us to grow your business further.

We are both programmers and marketers

Take a look at our existing clients of Measure Marketer for your better understanding.

Currently Measure Marketer has an amazing combination of client base. If you look at all our clients, you will know how committed we are to create difference in all those diverse industries.

You may be at the Ideation or Product market fit stage, we will work exclusively with you and help you achieve the growth stage which is the door to success.

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Got questions about growth?

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What is growth plan?

Business Owners and Leaders need to combat disruptive changes to grow revenue. They do this by developing a growth strategy to concentrate scarce resources with confidence on the few options that matter. This is called a Growth Plan. The Growth Plan helps a business become successful through focused planning and forethought on the only thing that matters for revenue generation – the customer.

The output from GROW | STRATEGY is a Growth Plan. It provides the blueprint to guide Business Owners to discover new growth possibilities to grow your business; it frees you up to focus on the business by tracking and alerting you on any gaps between expectations and execution.

When do I know my Growth Plan is completed?

You don’t want to finish your growth plan, ever! If your plan is done, your business will run out of steam – eventually. As a business owner, you need to keep moving forward, aspiring to grow, whilst tapping into new ideas, at all times.

What is the difference between a Growth Plan and a Business Plan?

Many companies develop a Business Plan – mainly for external review in order to gain funding. This Business Plan then ends up gathering dust as its primary purpose is a one-off event. The Growth Plan takes the “revenue” elements contained within a Business Plan (eg the Go-to-Market section) and expands on it with the application of sound sales strategy to manage sustainable growth of the revenue line.

How often should I review my Growth Plan?

We recommend reviewing your Tactics (in Step 9) on a weekly basis – at a minimum. You can fine tune your Strategies and other related issues based on the outcome from the actions contained within the Tactics – as often as you need to. Finally, we suggest reviewing the overall direction and results from your Growth Plan on a quarterly basis.

Experienced or Fresher?
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The difference between high-growth and slow-growth companies is the skill sets their marketing teams have to make it happen. Marketing training programs to people serious about their career,


An idea will just be an idea until you sow and water it daily.Ideation stage is the very first stage of any startup/company.

To grow from idea to growth stage you need team support and also a clear assessment to see to it that your idea takes a perfect shape.

In Ideation you have to note down what are those important paint points or challenges you are going to address. At this very stage you need someone who can evaluate and elevate your idea. Measure Marketer has provided assessment and evaluation to many startups at their Ideation stage, which has helped them to get their ‘idea on paper to the implementation’.


You have an idea. Great! Are you planning to launch it immediately into the market? Never do that.

In the Ideation stage you’ve decided on what is the solution however in this MVP stage you need to focus on how are you going to solve it otherwise you are going to waste lots of money.

Here if you can take help of a technical person (in case non-technical) to come up with a list of tools needed for your integration and testing.

It is a correct time to fix your errors and improve upon minor changes for the final product.


Product-Market Fit is the crucial stage but don’t worry if you’ve come till here it is great news and you are ahead of many of the startups.

You have finally built your product and from here on you should find ways on how to get more people to use your product. Take help from a measure marketer to know what are the best strategies and marketing channels to help your business grow.

Try getting a Data scientist or setup a customer success program to look at the patterns of how your customers are reacting or responding to products and it helps you to come up with some other strategies which give customer satisfaction.


Channel-Product Fit is the stage to scale up your product. Here you have to work more rigidly to attract your customer and have a quiet great set of loyal customer base.

By this time you will have a fair idea on which marketing platform is best suited to your business model. Time to work closely with your marketing expert team to find whether an organic or paid platform is good for you.

The best way is being specific & developing your strategy to drill down the actionable insights needed for your business upliftment. Repeat this process which gives a multi-channel strategy to your business.


Finally this is the stage every business keeps waiting for. Now you’ve Product-fit and Channel-fit for your product and it is the time for product development, Automating, Finance, Creative departments, Communication team and etc has to be handled.

Remember this is not the final stage however in product development maturity is the stage of responsibility. From here on every decision has to be taken keeping in mind all the circumstances and product environment.

Maturity is the step to success. Keeping doing the best, success will be part of your journey.

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