Subtitles & Captions Still Available for YT Videos!!

As Most of the mature YouTube Account users know that YouTube removed the feature of adding subtitles & captions to their videos.  But do you know we can still add subtitles as an over lay over add when users watch those videos on YouTube. Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad from Adonai helps you learn these hidden concepts.


Most of the YouTube account users when they upload their video to their channel, they write the title, description, write tags and give other required information. But most of them don’t know that we can even add subtitles that would be displayed with the video, Yes Subtitles, don’t be surprised, Yes we can still add subtitles and captions.

To add the subtitles, you have to add “yt:cc=on” as a tag to that particular video and if you are using the embed code on your website then you have to use this, you need to add “cc_load_policy=1” to the end of the source URL inside the iframe:

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