Google AdWords Update: Bid multipliers can now be applied on Desktops and Tablets.

Google released one of the important updates to the AdWords interface by allowing the bid adjustments on Desktops and Tablets. Earlier the base bid was applied to Desktops and then the bid multipliers to the mobiles (Bid adjustment was earlier not allowed on Computers and Tablets) . But after this update, Google allows the bid adjustments to be made to all devices. However, the base bid will now be applied to the mobiles and the Bid multipliers to computer and tablets.

It again took back what it was in legacy campaigns but with the option to apply bid adjustments. This is seen by experts with the lens that highlights the importance of mobile devices. The traffic on mobile devices now exceeds the desktop and laptops.

All the more, the bid adjustments that were allowed on Locations, Ad Scheduling was -90% to +900% and mobiles were restricted to -100% to +300%. But this Device level bid adjustments allows the advertisers to bid from -100% to +900%.

Surely the numbers for the mobile traffic are higher than the traffic through Computers, Tablets. It’s time that we focus more on mobiles (The CTR of the ads in 1st Position on Mobile is very high than the CTR of the ads in 1st position on computers). Since CTR is one of the most important factors for Google to calculate the Quality Score for the keywords, it is must that we now have a bid multiplier for mobiles to boost the CTR.

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How to calculate whether the Clicks in AdWords were Profitable or Not?

How to calculate if the Clicks were Profitable or Not?

You can understand whether a click is worth to you depending on your advertising goal or account/campaign objective. There are two types of account objectives I would consider here

For a  Revenue Generating Campaign – Lead generation

Revenue (ROI):

Let’s take a look at this example to understand things better. You can learn all of these ROI related calculations in our AdWords Training in Hyderabad Program or enroll for our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad at Adonai.

Consider the following case for an AdWords account that has ROI as its Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

Total Spend: $1000

CPC (Cost per Click): $ 10

No. of Clicks : 100

No. Of Conversions : 5

Overall CPA (Cost per Conversion): $ 200

Let’s assume the Revenue/Conversion: $ 50 per conversion

Therefore, Total Revenue = Revenue/Conversion * Conversions

i.e. Total Revenue = No of Conversions * Conversion value

$ 50 * 5

$ 250

Profit earned = Total Revenue – Total Spends

= $ 250 – $ 1000

– $ 750

So in this scenario, we can see that total profit earned from AdWords campaign was not successful in we were driving ROI for the client. Since we were not able to make profit here, the total number of clicks that were recorded in the account can be deemed as not profitable.

Second scenario, let’s assume, if we had recorded conversions with conversion value say $ 500 per conversion, our total revenue would have been $ 2500  (i.e. 500 *5) which would lead to us recording a total profit of $ 1500 which will make each of the clicks worth much more for us as advertisers. Our paid interns on AdWords Campaign management work on these ROI related reporting, so they understand the issues that arise in real time AdWords account management. You can also enroll for the PPC Training in Hyderabad to learn to calculates the ROI of the campaigns.

Basically, the more profit we make out of an ROI based campaign the more the worth of the clicks received. It can be achieved with a higher conversion rate and so on.


What is Quality Score? How does it affect the AdWords account?

What is Quality Score? How does it affect the AdWords account?

Quality score is a dynamic variable given by Google, given to every keyword in the AdWords account. There are millions of advertisers having millions of keywords in their AdWords account and still Google Manages to give QS to each keyword. Higher QS lowers your CPC values.

There is no official document which states what weighs more in the Google’s algorithm when calculating the Quality Score. However, CTR is one of the most crucial parameter. This is because CTR is the best way for system to really know if you ads are relevant to the users.

Few parameters for QS are:

  1. CTR
  2. Relevance
  3. LPQ (Landing Page Quality)
  4. Historical Account Performance

When your QS increases your Actual CPC decreases and your AdWords costs decreases. You can spend less and still get to occupy good positions on Google SERP. You must constantly check the keywords Quality Scores in the AdWords account and always try to improve the QS.

On the contrary, your QS decreases then you pay higher hut still occupy low positions on Google page. We at Adonai Advertisings AdWords Training in Hyderabad teach these things at our Institute and deal with all such related issues in our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad. Please Contact us for more information or to join the course.



How to decrease the CPA values in the AdWords account?

How to decrease the CPA values in the AdWords account?


CPA (Cost per Acquisition) refers to the cost you pay per each acquisition or it’s a metric which measures the amount you pay to attain each conversion. Generally, your CPA will be higher than your CPC values, since not everyone who clicks on your ads will go on to complete the action you deem important i.e. purchase or inquiry or leads.

We at Adonai work to decrease the CPA values of their business. We have seen CPA values decrease by an average of 29% in few client AdWords accounts. To learn these, you can also join our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad with experts from adonai.

CPA takes into account the number of ad clicks you need to attain a conversion. In other words, you increase the no. of conversions, your CPA values decreases. You can use different Bidding Methods to learn how to decrease the CPA, by increasing the conversions.

Increasing Conversion Rate => Decreases CPA values


To decrease the CPA values, you must optimize the AdWords account. You must check each report to see if you can improve something like Keywords Quality score or schedule at the most important times or remove keywords which get clicks but not conversions, check the SQR reports, and use Segmentation to find out what works to get you the conversions. We teach you all these real time scenarios and the ways to troubleshoot them in our AdWords Training in Hyderabad at Adonai.

It is true that when quality score increases the AdWords costs increases, thus decreasing the CPA values. To contact us, please visit our Contact us page.



Want to know What users search for AdWords & its features on

Want to know how users search for AdWords & its features on

There are several ways to do the keyword research for any business model. We have Keyword planner from Google AdWords and several other paid and free tools available online. But what if I could know the Questions asked on Google related to AdWords and its features, It would be WOW.

We all know, if we target keywords with strong intent, we will have high competition and the CPCs will be Higher. How about targeting keywords with less intent ( I mean, when they are looking for answers related to the business), may be we can serve our ads, all the more, competition will be less and CPCs will be low.

Here are some questions, people search most often on Google related to Google AdWords. To know the answers to all these, you can attend our AdWords Training in Hyderabad office of Adonai Advertising.


You can learn answers to all of these questions in our Digital Marketing Training Course in Hyderabad office.

Some Questions which start with WHERE:

where to learn adwords
where to put adwords code
where to find adwords quality score
where have google adwords gone
where to place adwords tracking code
where are google adwords
where to place adwords conversion code
where is google adwords keyword tool
where are google adwords displayed
where does adwords editor store data
where has adwords gone
where do adwords ads appear

Questions that start with HOW

adwords how they work
adwords how do they work
adwords how to get top position
adwords how many characters
adwords how to choose keywords
adwords how many keywords
adwords how to improve quality score
adwords how much does it cost
adwords how much per click
adwords how to use
how adwords charge
how adwords calculate cpc
how adwords keywords work
how adwords make money
how adwords works google
how adwords conversion tracking works
how adwords calculate ad rank
how adwords billing works
how adwords works youtube
how adwords works

Questions which start with WHAT

what are adwords sitelinks
what is adwords quality score
what does adwords cost
what is adwords certification
what is adwords remarketing
what is adwords api
what is adwords associate
what does adwords mean
what is adwords representative
what does adwords do
what is adwords and adsense
what is adwords in google
what is adwords express
adwords what is conversion rate
adwords what is competition
adwords what are impressions
adwords what is a campaign
adwords what are they
adwords what is a good ctr
what adwords are my competitors using

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How to troubleshoot Low Clicks related issues?

How to troubleshoot Low Clicks related issues?

It is one of the most important questions that people are asked when they go for the AdWords or PPC Based Job interviews. Register for the Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad course from Adonai and get real time experience on AdWords.

There can be many reasons behind low clicks. Certainly, there is no one size fits all solution for it. One have to review the complete AdWords account and then draw the conclusion out of the review.

Here are common causes behind Low Clicks.

  • Poor Marketing Strategy – Audience Targeted not Interested
  • Ads are not compelling, catchy, clear or competitive
  • Context of placements might have been irrelevant to ads message
  • Keyword themes badly constructed, possible mistargeting

Note, the motive of the ad is to attract clicks and bridge the gap between the search term and the website. If the ads are getting clicks then the ads are doing their Job.

If the ads are not getting clicks then check the Ad Position. If the Ad is appearing at the right side or the bottom then increase the Ad Positon by increasing the Ad Rank i.e. Increase Bid and QS. If everything is fine then increase the Budget, coz your Budget may not be sufficient to get many clicks.

If the ads are getting clicks and not getting conversions, then check the website and see if all the clicks are relevant.

If the ads are getting impressions at good positions and still not getting clicks then change the ads messaging and make it more creative and compelling that it can attract a click.

If the ads are getting impressions at Ad positions of 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8, then increase the Ad rank such that ads start appearing at the top and generate more clicks.

In the Display Network, then remove the placements that don’t perform well with the ads message

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Less Common Causes:

  • Topics Chosen might be too broad
  • Possible miscategorization might have driven ads to pages/audiences irrelevant to ads message.

Here are the optimization areas you can look into:

  • Strategy
  • Creatives
  • Placement Exclusions
  • Negative keywords
  • Add Keywords
  • Category Exclusions

Hope this helps in your interview. Please feel free to write comments, if any.


What is Bidding (Max. CPC) & Actual CPC in AdWords?

There are Several bidding options available in the AdWords account. We have flexible Bid Strategies that can be implemented to manage the AdWords costs and CPCs. Join our AdWords Training Course or our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad program to understand these features.

What is a Bid (Max.CPC)

Max. CPC is the highest amount an advertiser is willing or interested to pay per each click of the ad. However, every time the ad gets a click Google will not charge him Max. CPC though. So how much Google Charges an advertiser for each ad click is based on the Ad Auction which is dynamic in nature.


Google always charges an advertiser based on the Ad Auction/competition involved. How much Google charges you for each click is called Actual CPC i.e. Act CPC.

What is Actual CPC?

It is the actual amount Google charged an advertiser for each ad click. Also note that, Actual CPC will never be greater than the Max CPC. In fact, Actual CPC is always less than or equal to Max CPC.

This means Google will never charge you more than you are willing to pay. But what if the auction bid is more than an advertiser’s Max CPC, then the advertiser’s ads will be pushed down so it may occupy lower ad position or may not even get to display the ad.

So, Act CPC <= Max CPC
Max CPC >= Act CPC

So, we can bid how much ever you want, but still Google will only charge you based on the
competitor. i.e. Actual CPC. This whole punctuality of charging less for an ad click to an advertiser is called as AdWords Discounter.

To know more about Bidding, please read the Functionality of Bidding article.

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