The Importance of Staying in touch with your existing customers for business opportunities.

My article here is more of a reminder for you to know how important it is to stay in touch with your customers – which is guaranteed to increase your sales.

Whether you are a new start-up or a small business owner, the sure way to survive and grow your revenue is to stay in touch with your customers all the time. This could be once a month or sending a message on some event day or maybe even a birthday message. Unless you’re just starting out in business or in a professional career, I bet you’ve spent a ton of money to seduce new customers or customers you already have. And the same could probably be said about your competitors in the market. But your list of existing customers or database of your existing clients is a treasure that you could be surpassing. How effectively do you work on this hard-earned genuine customer list? Your existing customers are a bundle of resource that should be constantly worked and reworked over and over again (i.e. remarketing is a concept that generally talks about these cases) because if you do it consistently you are going up your sales and profits to a degree that can be absolutely amazing.

Please bear in mind, the cost of reaching them as compared to the cost of going out after new customers, is incredibly cheap and bankable.

Moreover, your customers, when you start talking with them at a deeper level, will see you as someone far more than just a commodity or product seller. They will perceive you as something more valuable and reliable. Every time you sell them a product or a service, you can then add other items to the sale thus implementing the concept of remarketing (also called as cross selling). This makes your business distinctive and no longer appears to be a commodity like all other businesses around you. You can add things for them, call them regularly, service them, send them information they may need, and also ask them for advice. Do these things, and they will see you as having such a deep commitment to them and it will be tremendously exciting.

You have to look at your customers or clients as a lifetime relationship than a one time opportunity You’ve got to look at that customer or client in the same way you would look at a dear and valued friend. Its really a long-term relationship that, unless you breach it, will go on indefinitely. It’s a relationship that will grow continuously.
Hope this helps you to understand the importance of staying in touch with your clients or customers on a regular basis for even more leads and business.

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