The Sure Way to Improve the Click Through Rate (CTR)

The Sure Way to Improve the Click Through Rate (CTR). Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad.

Bidding on your Branded Terms

Everyone who is working on the PPC accounts are always on the hunt to find a way to improve the account performance. As experts we have worked with verticals that are span across various sectors. Optimization of the accounts depends on their target market but we however want to discover a ‘Weapon or a Trick’ that works for all vertical AdWords accounts.

So one foolproof method that benefits every AdWord Account is “Add Branded Keywords and Bidding for them”.

Add 10% branded keyword terms to increase your average CTR; these keywords get super-high Quality Scores and lift your whole account.

We hear people say Ohhh Yeah!!! But why do we have to bid and waste money on something that already appears in the free listing space. But make note, you can’t be sure that the organic listing will direct your user to your specific landing page.

Bidding on Branded Keywords dominates the SERP Page (in case your website occupies both Free and Paid listings space). I believe that we all agree when I say ‘2 is better than 1’ (in case of SERP) as It always proves that you are a dominant player in your space. Also, the chances of people visiting your site increases, so does CTR coz generally the users click on the ads as they appear at the Top.

All the more, Organic listings are boring and they may not show the relevant content we want to display, But if want to make changes to the Meta description we would be worried as that may change your website’s organic position. But in case of the Ads, you can write a text what speaks effectively to the user and convinces him.

Also, note that if people are searching for your branded words that mean they already know about you or someone else referred them to you. So don’t lose those customers as they might be well ahead in the buying cycle.

You can well bid on your competitors Brand Names as well as you can direct the users to your site and entice them. What say?

Note: Your Branded terms are cheap and also improve the CTR of the ads tremendously which improves the account CTR and earn a Higher Quality Score.

Note: If you don’t bid on your branded terms, your competitor may bid and take away your customers who were looking for you by showing them their ad which sings praises about them.

Branded Keywords are cheap and improves the CTR and the account performance.

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