Marketing & Measurement Bootcamp

100% Practicals & Real-Time

The only way to learn marketing is to work on a live website. A dedicated eCommerce website to implement enhanced eCommerce Tracking.

Working Hard? But Never Getting Ahead? Bootcamp is for you!

450+ Hours & 36+ Modules

New Cohort Starts on 07th September

Ideas start differently and spread rapidly in the digital world. At Measure Marketer, we help bring them to life. Check the Curriculum.

Learn Advanced strategies i.e. Enhanced eCommerce Tracking, Google Tag Manager, Scripts in Google Ads, Cross Domain Tracking, Custom Dimensions, Dynamic Remarketing, Cross Channel Remarketing, Value Ladders, Attribution Models, Multi-Channel Funnels. eCommerce Tracking, dataLayers, Conversion Paths, Custom JavaScripts, Dynamic Attributes and much more advanced digital marketing stuff.

You will Learn:

Finest Digital Marketing Bootcamp in India

100% Practicals & Real-Time Training

Learn Digital Marketing the right way i.e. complete practically. You will create campaigns on Google Ads, FB Ads, SEO and Email Marketing for the live website.

Learn enhaned eCommerce tracking

Master enhanced eCommerce tracking and measurement by working on a live eCommerce website. Gain experience like 10+ yrs professional.

Most High-End Measurement Skills

Upon completion of marketing & measurement bootcamp, you will implement stuff that most10+ years experienced marketers can't..

Data-Driven Marketing Approach

Learn high-end web analytics implementations, customised Google Analytics, GTM implementations. Actionable data with Macro and Micro conversions goals

A powerhouse to automate all kinds of digital marketing workflows is a workflow automation software with deep integrations into the main ad platforms' APIs.

Get one-on-one advice from top 5% Google Tag Manager consultants!

Learn Programming + Marketing
Say 'YES' to Measure Marketing

At MeasureMarketer, you'll learn how to scale winning campaigns "horizontally" and "vertically". You will learn to ask the questions that matter.

With MarTech becoming the dominant factor in Digital Marketing, companies and agencies are under pressure to constantly implement better software or develop their own to cope with ever-changing ad platforms and formats.

You need to learn beyond the basic settings and tools of a marketing platform. You need to learn to understand the functional significance of each platform and understand the customers journey that spans across multiple channels.

Get a Real Agency Environment. Say 'NO' to Marketing Mediocrity with Institutes

Our 5,000 square foot physical campus was designed to inspire creativity, collaboration, and inspired learning with bright engaging classrooms and multi functional event spaces and comfortable lounges. It’s a place for people who want to make a career in digital marketing

You’ll always find people implementing high end analytics measurement plans.


Work on 4+ Live Projects

You only pay for Creators is a workflow automation software with deep integrations into the main ad platforms' APIs.

Creator accounts is a workflow automation software with deep integrations into the main ad platforms' APIs.

Creator accounts is a workflow automation software with deep integrations into the main ad platforms' APIs.

Creator accounts is a workflow automation software with deep integrations into the main ad platforms' APIs.

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Only 6 people per cohort

This program includes:

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Underperforming? Scared? Master skills like a 10+ experienced digital marketer.

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You only pay for Creators

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What great writing looks like

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Google Ads

Google Ads Mastery Module offers complete training on Advanced AdWords Strategies, 6 Google Certifications with Real time Practical’s

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Mastery Module offers in-depth training on Facebook Ads and targeting features and Social Media Marketing strategies

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Mastery Module covers all SEM techniques to promote a website on search engines to drive more conversions.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics Module helps you to understand the user behavior on your website and identify top conversion paths and optimize website

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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is one of the most important tools in a marketers arsenal. Learn most advanced GTM strategies & redefine the way marketing is done

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Mastery Module offers in-depth hands on experience on on-page and off-page SEO strategies for a website

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YouTube & Video Marketing

Video & YouTube Marketing Module highlights the importance of using video and motion to increase brand awareness and brand recall

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Display Marketing

Display Marketing Modules covers all the concepts to implement an effective branding strategy for a website on GDN or publishers

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Ad Servers & Ad Exchanges

Ad Servers Modules covers the importance of Servers for both publishers and advertisers to manage their ad campaigns and ad inventory

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Conversion Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Modules cover all the optimization techniques that improves the conversion rate of the website in real time

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Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization Modules highlights all the important things and ideas that turn a normal website into a highly converting website

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Module covers all concepts of affiliate marketing techniques and platforms and identifying the right product niches

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Mobile & App Marketing

Mobile & App Marketing Modules covers all the mobile and app strategies to increase the install volume and app engagement techniques

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Modules covers all the email marketing essentials to drive traffic, brand loyalty and engage the present customers & marketing automation

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WordPress & Website Creation

Website Creation & WordPress Module focuses on website creation using WordPress and all the plugins that WordPress website effective

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DoubleClick for Publishers

DoubleClick for Publishers Module teaches how publishers can monetize their website or APP inventory to SSPs, DSPs, Ad Exchange

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Marketing Automation

Use marketing automation to automate the routine and redundant tasks with email automation with zapier and its many integrations with 3rd party apps

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Campaign Manager

Campaign Trafficking covers all concepts related to setting up an ad campaign and targeting criteria, tag creations, serving and reporting