Troubleshooting Low CPA, Low Clicks and Low Impressions in AdWords account

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Steps to build your search campaign:-

Step 1:- Select keywords which are relevant to your ads.

Step 2:- Target effectively so that you can reach potential customers.

Step 3:- Write the ad effectively.

 Lowering Cost Per Acquisition:-

  •   Do not get scared to bid high for those impressions which are likely to convert.
  • Some keywords do not work well in search because they are too expensive in search, too competitive, have low quality scores. These same keywords, when targeted to impressions with the right characteristics, may be able to provide favorable CPAs targeting.
  • We have to ignore CPC & CTR because they will not drive CPA.

Causes of low clicks:-

  • If your marketing strategy is very poor, it means we are targeting audiences who are not interested.
  • If your ads are not attractive & competitive.
  • If the keywords themes are badly constructed.
  • If you target narrow then you will get low clicks.

Causes to get low impressions:-

  • Your impressions are low in Google AdWords for a number of reasons: your keywords are not searched very often, you have a low quality keyword or your bid is too low.
  • First, the keywords you choose must be searched by Google users. If your keywords are not searched very often, of course your ads will not trigger very often. So make sure to choose keywords at high volume. You can use Google’s keyword tool to check the average monthly search volume for all keywords.
  • Second, to get impressions for your ads, you must maintain a high level of keyword quality. Examine the keywords of your ads with low impressions. If your keyword quality score is low (6 or lower), Google may not be able to show your ads very often. You will need to go back and choose more relevant keywords for your ads and the landing page of your website.
  • Third, you will need to set your max. CPC bid that is sufficiently high for your competition to be superior to ad placements. If your bid is not high enough, you will not get impressions for your Google ads. To verify, review your keywords in the Google AdWords campaign manager. Google will tell you if your bids are less than the first page bid estimate, which means your bids are too low to get impressions.

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