Want to know What users search for AdWords & its features on Google.com?

Want to know how users search for AdWords & its features on Google.com?

There are several ways to do the keyword research for any business model. We have Keyword planner from Google AdWords and several other paid and free tools available online. But what if I could know the Questions asked on Google related to AdWords and its features, It would be WOW.

We all know, if we target keywords with strong intent, we will have high competition and the CPCs will be Higher. How about targeting keywords with less intent ( I mean, when they are looking for answers related to the business), may be we can serve our ads, all the more, competition will be less and CPCs will be low.

Here are some questions, people search most often on Google related to Google AdWords. To know the answers to all these, you can attend our AdWords Training in Hyderabad office of Adonai Advertising.


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Some Questions which start with WHERE:

where to learn adwords
where to put adwords code
where to find adwords quality score
where have google adwords gone
where to place adwords tracking code
where are google adwords
where to place adwords conversion code
where is google adwords keyword tool
where are google adwords displayed
where does adwords editor store data
where has adwords gone
where do adwords ads appear

Questions that start with HOW

adwords how they work
adwords how do they work
adwords how to get top position
adwords how many characters
adwords how to choose keywords
adwords how many keywords
adwords how to improve quality score
adwords how much does it cost
adwords how much per click
adwords how to use
how adwords charge
how adwords calculate cpc
how adwords keywords work
how adwords make money
how adwords works google
how adwords conversion tracking works
how adwords calculate ad rank
how adwords billing works
how adwords works youtube
how adwords works

Questions which start with WHAT

what are adwords sitelinks
what is adwords quality score
what does adwords cost
what is adwords certification
what is adwords remarketing
what is adwords api
what is adwords associate
what does adwords mean
what is adwords representative
what does adwords do
what is adwords and adsense
what is adwords in google
what is adwords express
adwords what is conversion rate
adwords what is competition
adwords what are impressions
adwords what is a campaign
adwords what are they
adwords what is a good ctr
what adwords are my competitors using

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