What is Enhanced CPC (ECPC) and how does it improve the conversion rate?

ENHANCED COST-PER-CLICK (ECPC) – Digital Marketing Training to generate more conversions.

  • It is one of the bidding features that raise your bid for those clicks which are most likely to convert from clicks to conversions.
  • ECPC is available on search and display network for text ads except in campaigns that will promote mobile app downloads.
  • For product listing ads ECPC works on only Google search
  • The Google tracks the user behavior and depending on that the bid value changes.
  • The bid (max CPC) is increases up to 30% in case the user is more likely to get conversion and simultaneously the bid value decreases even up to 100 % if there are no chances to get a conversion.

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Do you know?

  • ECPC works only if you enable conversion tracking in your account.
  • You can apply this bid optimization for entire campaigns or a particular ad group.
  • ECPC mostly focus on conversions.
  • ECPC will automatically set ad rotation setting to “optimize for conversion” even if it’s currently set as “optimize for clicks”

How to implement ECPC:-

  1. Sign into your AdWords account
  2. Select your campaigns tab, check the box for which campaign you would like to work with.
  3. Next click on bid strategy tab
  4. Select the option change bid strategy
  5. Then you are directed to settings tab.
  6. Find bid strategy and click on edit
  7. Check mark the option enable enhanced CPC , and save it.
  8. If you’re not using manual CPC  bidding for the selected campaign then choose manual CPC  bidding from the drop-down, and check the enabled enhanced CPC option, then click save.

Example 1:-

  • Business module: mobiles
  • CPC: ₹100

Suppose you sell mobiles on your site, and you have ECPC bidding turned on the AdWords system sees an auction that more likely to lead user to buy mobiles on your site, it might set your bid to ₹130 for that auction (that is, your ₹100 max CPC bid plus 30 % more) ECPC: ₹130. And in case the click is not likely to get a lead then bid value drops down, sometimes even to 100%.

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