What would be the Impact of turning AdWords campaigns Paused and Enabled?

One of the practical questions that digital marketers come up during their AdWords account management. Learn all these practical issues in our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad from Adonai Advertising.

Enabled and Paused Campaigns affects the CampaignsWhen we create a new campaign, it generally takes a week’s time to build up its performance history i.e. CTR’s will increase and CPC’s tend to decrease in good performing AdWords accounts.

Assuming that we haven’t made any changes i.e bid changes, ad text changes, keyword changes etc – If I were to pause these campaign for a couple of weeks or may be months and then make it enabled. Will the campaign performance be same, the way it was when it was paused – or am I going to see performance drop again to the New’ state?


Remember there are several factors that influence the AdWords account performance. Note that, Campaign History is also considered for Account Performance i.e. the campaigns that are paused will also be considered (Just like paused ads are reviewed by Ad Approvals team, paused campaigns and their keywords will also contribute to account performance. But please note that, their performance will decrease over time since they are paused and haven’t contributed to clicks and impressions as it is not served in weeks or months. Hope this Helps!

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